Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building which stands at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue is the third tallest building in New York City.  It is 320 meters high (1,050 ft), truly spectacular to look at.  It is one of New York City’s Top attractions and finest buildings for sure.  They broke ground on September 19th, 1928 and eventually finished construction on May 20th, 1930.  For almost a year it was the world’s tallest building until the Empire State Building was built... Read More

The Mall, Winter

Strolling through the Mall during the winter is like walking through winter wonderland.  The Mall in Central Park is one of the most famous spots in the Park.  Known for being aesthetically beautiful, it is no surprise it’s been in so many incredible movie scenes. From the south end of the Mall called the Literary Walk to the North End right before you come to Bethesda Terrace is a strip of winter dreams.  There is nothing like it in all of Central Park .  The beautiful... Read More

Sledding, Pilgrim Hill

If you are passionate about skiing or sledding and you live in NYC, most likely you were at Pilgrim Hill today.  Known for having some of the steepest slopes, Pilgrim Hill is a winter delight.  The moment came and went pretty quickly as snow turned to slush by noon.  However, this did not sway New Yorkers who are used to moving fast and were going to opportune the limited time they had.  People were pretty creative with how they were going have fun and take full advantage... Read More

My Ruffnecks LLC

Every now and then you find a diamond in the Ruff.  Debbie Cooper’s “my ruffnecks” is that Diamond.  Perfect time to get out there and purchase these handmade well fitted scarves for you and you pooch.  Man’s best friend and you keeping warm and stylish together.  Greatly fitted to not get in the way of you dog’s eating, drinking or playtime – the ruffnecks will keep your loved ones nice and warm.  Come the warmer season you can shoot for style.  My ruffnecks... Read More

Looking Back at 2011

Sammy is a little kid at heart exploring New York City, like watching a family tour NYC for the first time. Whenever we prepare his traveling bag for the day he starts spinning in circles with excitement. Every adventure that Sammy goes on is met with the same enthusiasm as if it was his first. Sammy is very mischievous and rambunctious but sweet and considerate at the same time. It’s the perfect combination. He is there to make people happy with his bubbly personality and... Read More

The New York Palace

During the Holidays the New York Palace is beautifully decorated inside and out. Visitors and New Yorkers step into the Hotel Courtyard and lobby to check out the breath taking views.  You might recognize the New York Palace from the TV Show “Gossip Girl” which is shot throughout the Hotel and courtyard. The Palace is located in the heart of Midtown on Madison Avenue and steps away from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Saks Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center. Christmas... Read More