Conservatory Garden, Autumn

Conservatory Garden Best

Just as the leaves begin to fall there are breath taking views at the Conservatory Garden.  The beauty of the garden remains with thousands of Korean chrysanthemums blooming during the Autumn Season.  It sits on six acres of land and is comprised of 3 garden styles – French, Italian and English.  The Conservatory Garden video was filmed on the last week of October and it... Read More

Conservatory Garden

Conservatory Garden

Conservatory Garden is a formal garden in the park, with flowers and plants on 6 acres of land, comprised of 3 garden styles - French Garden, Italian Garden, and the English Garden. Conservatory Garden offers a colorful setting of flowers and plants throughout spring, summer and fall. English Garden is the most colorful spot in the park featuring the Burnett Fountain constructed... Read More

Conservatory Garden, English

Conservatory Garden English 4

Conservatory Garden, English style is also known as the Secret Garden, because of the statue in the fountain pool, depicting Mary and Dickon from the classic book, “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849 – 1924), a children’s author. Nearby attractions: French Garden, and Italian Garden. The secret garden is filled with magnificent beauty and... Read More

Conservatory Garden, Italian

Conservatory Garden Italian Garden 5

Conservatory Garden, Italian style, which has a rectangular central lawn surrounded by elliptical jet fountain and the wisteria pergola, with clipped hedges of yews. Enter through the Vanderbilt Gate on Fifth Avenue and 105 street. Spectacular Elliptical jet fountain overlooking the large lawn and the scenic pergola. Maze of colorful plants, flowers and trees. Location: Enter... Read More

Conservatory Garden, French

Conservatory Garden French 3

Conservatory Garden, French style has Three Dancing Maidens, Sculptured by   Walter Schott’s, which dates from approximately 1910.  It is also called “The Untermyer Fountain,” after the family who presented it to the City in 1947. Three Dancing Maidens fountain was given to New York City in 1947 by the children of Samuel Untermyer. The French style garden is... Read More

Conservatory Garden Fountain

Conservatory Garden Italian Garden 9

Conservatory Garden Fountain is surrounded by a rectangular large central lawn, and wisteria pergola, with clipped hedges of yews reflecting in the calm pool of the water. Spectacular view of the Italian style garden. Elliptical Jet Fountain on the east side of the iron wisteria pergola. This site is a popular for wedding photography. Location:Fifth Avenue and 105th street.  Read More

Vanderbilt Gate

3 Conservatory Fountain Italian

Enter the Conservatory Garden through the cast-iron Vanderbilt Gate at 105th Street and Fifth Avenue to the Central Garden. This Vanderbilt Gate, once served as an entrance to the Vanderbilt mansion on 5th Avenue, between 57th and 59th Streets, which is now the home of the Bergdorf Goodman department store. Nearby attractions: Conservatory Garden, French Garden, Italian Garden, English... Read More