Wall Street Bull

The Wall Street Bull near the Bowling Green Park has become a famous tourist attraction to visitors from all over the world. This magnificent art sculpture from Arturo Di Modica represents the “strength and power” of the American people. This sculpture was a gift to the people of New York City after the stock market crash of 1987. Location: Near Bowling Green Plaza on Broadway Street.  Read More

Movie Nights/Elevated Acre

Movie Nights on the Elevated Acre gives you breath-taking views of the Brooklyn Bridge, East River, Ellis Island, and South Street Seaport. Free Admissions, tickets are available at first-come, first-served basis starting at 6PM. For more details Click Here. Jun 20 2011 - Desperately Seeking Susan Jun 27 2011 -The Godfather Part II Jul 9 2011 – HOUNDED Jul 11 2011 – The Brother from Another Location: 55 Water Street (between Old Slip and Broad Street)  Read More

New York Classical Theatre

The New York Classical Theatre presents the 12th season of Classical Theatre.  A Theatre production of Henry V will be held in Battery Park (in front of Castle Clinton) to Governors Island. “Join us, as we journey with King Henry and his army from England (Castle Clinton/Battery Park) and travel across the English Channel (New York Harbor) by boat to France (Governors Island), where the bloody Battle of Agincourt will be staged across the huge rolling vistas of the parade... Read More

Battery Park

Take in breathtaking sunset scenery of the New York Harbor at Battery Park and Battery Park City. Battery Park is a 25-acre park located at the southern tip of Manhattan, and Battery Park City is a community with office and residential buildings located northwest of the Park. Location: Battery Park & Battery Park City Scenery of NJ from Battery Park City Scenery of Jersey City from Battery Park City  Read More

Wall Street

Wall Street, the home of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext, Inc.) is the financial center of the world.  The Wall Street area is filled with trendy restaurants, museums, galleries, Tiffany & Co and other speciality merchants. Located in Lower Manhattan. Sammy at the New York Stock Exchange Statue of George Washington Federal Hall National Memorial is a museum where George Washington took the oath and it was also where the United States Bill of Rights was introduced.... Read More