Sledding, Pilgrim Hill

If you are passionate about skiing or sledding and you live in NYC, most likely you were at Pilgrim Hill today.  Known for having some of the steepest slopes, Pilgrim Hill is a winter delight.  The moment came and went pretty quickly as snow turned to slush by noon.  However, this did not sway New Yorkers who are used to moving fast and were going to opportune the limited time they had.  People were pretty creative with how they were going have fun and take full advantage... Read More

Pilgrim Hill

Pilgrim Hill comes from a name of a bronze statue that stands atop of the hill. The statue is sculpted by John Quincy Adams Ward and it was a gift to Central Park by the New England Society in 1884. Location: East Side at 72nd Street steps away from Conservatory Water and 5th Ave. The Pilgrim Hill is the best place to go sledding in Central Park during the wintertime.  Read More