Conservatory Water

Conservatory Water is known as the Model Boat Pond and its incredibly beautiful and picturesque, with its pool of reflecting water, as well as curving benches running along the path that surrounds the entire pool of water.  Inspired by the model boat ponds of late 19th century Paris, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux created a place where children and adults can enjoy the experience of boating. Conservatory Water holds its boating season from April to October – children and adults can bring or rent their model sail boats. Nearby attractions: The MallBethesda TerraceLoeb Boathouse, Alice in Wonderland, Pilgrim Hill, Glade Arch and Cedar Hill.

Conservatory Water has been in many film shoots for movies and TV.
If you bring or rent your Model Sail Boats make sure its on a windy day.
The building to the right of Sammy lives the Pale Male — a red-tailed hawk who chose life in the Big Apple and founded a hawk dynasty on the ledge of thats wanky high-rise overlooking Central Park.

Towering skyscrapers of Manhattan’s Upper East Side reflecting in the pool of water.
Conservatory Water is also the staging area for a group of bird watchers that have been tracking the life of Pale Male and his mate Lola, a pair of Hawks, that have made there home on a ledge of an upper east side building on 5th Avenue.  Picture of Sammy hanging out with the Bird Watchers.

The building the Pale Bird resides.

A view of the pond and benches along the curve path that surrounds the entire pool of water.
Location: East Side from 72nd on 5th Avenue

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