Chess & Checkers House

Play chess or checkers outdoors at the “The Chess and Checkers House” in Central Park. “Players are welcome to borrow pieces from the Conservancy staff, or bring their own. Dominos and backgammon are also available” for More details go to Chess & Checkers House

Location: Mid-Park at 64th Street

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3 Responses to “Chess & Checkers House”
  1. Scott says:

    Sure would love to Play Sammy at Chess or Checkers, not sure that i can beat him, but will give him a good match at least. :)

  2. Irene says:

    This information is off the hziool!

    • Sammyinthecity says:

      Thanks for being a fan of Sammy and the City. Stay tuned for more updates everyday! BTW. You mentioned “hzioo”. What does that mean? Have a great day:)

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