Official NYC Information Center

Official NYC Information Center in Midtown is the coolest visitor center in Manhattan. This visitor center features high-tech interactive tools for locating information on “things to see and do” all over New York City and the boroughs. Checkout the Interactive Map Tables, where you can grab a “You Are Here” Interactive Disc and place it on one of the map tables. By moving the disc across the touch-screen tables, you can explore a large interactive map of the five boroughs and get ideas on “things to see” and “things to do”.  For example, when categories of interest like “Museums & Galleries” or “Dining” are selected, flags pop up all over the map with relevant matches. See Tourist Attraction.

Click here to view a demo of the high-tech tool

The Touch-Screen Wall features FAQ screens with helpful resources and advice in 10 languages.

Free NYC Visitor Guides, brochures, maps and discount coupons along the Brochure Wall.

Friendly and very knowledgeable, multilingual Information Specialists to guide you through event information and booking tickets.

Location: Official NYC Information Center, 810 Seventh Ave, 53rd and 7th Ave.

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