John Lennon was born in Liverpool, England on October 9th, 1940 and died at 40 years old when his life was taken on December 8th 1980. He was one of the original Beatles and one of the greatest song writers of his time.  When you think of John Lennon, not only do you think of the Beatles, he was in image for “Love is all you need “ and Give Peace a Chance “.  John moved to New York City in 1971 and eventually settled into Greenwich Village.  John and his wife Yoko Ono loved New York City, it was the one place on earth where they were not hounded by paparazzi and could live somewhat normal lives.  Eventually they moved to the Upper West Side in now famous building known as the Dakota.

On Sunday, October 09, 2011 will be John Lennon’s 71st Birthday. Strawberry Fields Forever

Imagine By John Lennon

John continued on with his anti war activities so much so that President Nixon at that time tried to have him deported. Today, 31 years after his death, John’s presence can still be felt in the Strawberry Fields part of Central Park, dedicated and sponsored by Yoko Ono. Millions of people come to this section of the park and visit each year. New York City loved John as much as he loved New York City. One of his famous quotes about NYC was “ Today America is the Roman Empire and New York is Rome “ John Lennon was and still is one of the biggest Icons the world have ever known…

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