39th annual Village Halloween Parade

The 39th annual Village Halloween Parade took place on Monday night, Oct 31st in Greenwich Village. There were 60,000 participants that roared up 6th avenue with outrageous, funniest, weirdest, scariest, and over-the-top costumes imaginable. The streets were full of spooky sights, such as floating eyeballs, skeletons, Muammar Gaddafi costumes, along with about 200 occupy Wall Street protestors demonstrated this year with costumes of budget axes, pinks slips, zombies and etc. This Halloween Parade is the biggest Halloween event in the nation and has been going on since 1973 and keeps getting bigger and more creative every year.  For more about Autumn in New York.

Music: Thriller by Michael Jackson

This house is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, 72nd and Madison.

New York City

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