worst damage to Central Park in 30 years

The unprecedented storm on October 29th, damaged nearly half of Central Park and over 1000 trees. This was the worst damage to Central Park in 30 years. The freezing, wet, heavy snow, held on tight to leaves that had not yet fallen for winter causing pressure on fragile branches. The Central Park Conservancy has been working hard all week to make sure roads are safe for runners and spectators for the NYC Marathon this coming Sunday. Half a million dollars in damage is expected from this storm.

Only three times since the 1860’s has it snowed in New York City during October. About 400 acres of the park was hit, and Hurricane Irene didn’t even come close to the damage this storm did to the park.  The storm dumped down about 3 inches of snow and yet caused so much devastation. With the New York City Marathon just a few days away this certainly has caused a lot of complications.

Central Park on the East side of the park near 72nd Steet.

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