57th Street SnowFlake

The UNICEF Snowflake has been a New York City tradition since 1984.  It is a gigantic crystal ornament that resides on the intersection of 57th St & 5th Avenue.  Everybody at one point in their lives has thought of stars in sort of a dream sense.  However, when you are approaching the Snowflake from either direction you would swear that you are on another planet traveling right next to a star, only you are in NYC.  This Snowflake is 23 feet in diameter, 28 feet high and approximately 3,300 pounds.  Perfect location for such a star like image, the intersection where it hangs is right smack in the center of some of the finest shops, restaurants and theatres in the world.  From Tiffany’s to Bergdorf Goodman, from Henri Bendel’s  to Nobu 57 and Carnegie Hall just around the corner on 57th and 6th Avenue.  People from all over the world take photos of the Snowflake.  It’s not only the magnificent structure consisting of 16000 illuminated crystal prisms but a symbol for hope.  It’s a reminder for UNICEF’s dedication to reach a point in time when zero children die of preventable causes.  What an incredible message for hope the Snowflake has come to represent.  The best part is the Snowflake found the most perfect street, 57th Street & 5th Avenue in greatest city in the world to shout the message out to the millions and millions of people who come to see it.

Special Guests: Angie Harmon and the Broadway’s Jersey Boys performing at the snowflake lighting Ceremony.

Location: 57th Street and 5th Avenue.

Video of the Snowflake Ceremony, November 15th, 2011.

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