Belvedere Castle

The Belvedere Castle is an extraordinary part of Central Park .  It was originally handed over in 1867 from the Croton Aqueduct Board to the park to look after it.  There have been several changes made through the years.  In the early 1900’s the Weather Bureau had its operations there and continued all the way until 1960’s.  The tower at the castle is the highest point in Central park .  The amazing thing about the Castle is the views.  Staring out north from the castle you will see Turtle Pond right in front of you, a very calm body of water giving off a sense of tranquility.  Delacorte Theater, the home of Shakespeare in the Park is just to the left of the castle as you are looking out.  Wow, what a treasure inside of the park, a tradition for almost 60 years now, The Public Theater continues to deliver the arts each summer for free at the Delacorte Theater.  The theatre is an opened air venue, truly spectacular.  Another amazing view staring north from the Castle is the Great Lawn.  This incredible body of land has put Central Park on the Global map with an endless list of performances from the biggest stars ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to more recently the Black Eyed Peas.  Every year the Philharmonic plays on the Great Lawn for people from all walks of life who appreciate the arts.  When you leave The Belvedere Castle you will walk away feeling like you had a taste of several centuries blended into one view.  Shakespeare in the Park brings us to the 1600’s, the Castle itself presents the 1800’s for us, Turtle Pond and The Great Lawn give us the 1900’s and beyond feel.  Don’t miss the Castle if you are in the Central Park.

This photo was taken on the top of the Belvedere Castle looking down the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond.

Location:Mid-Park at 79th Street.

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