Bow Bridge, Autumn

It has often been said that autumn is one of the most romantic seasons in New York, so it’s not surprising that the Bow Bridge, one of the park’s most famous and romantic locations has been the silent star in many movie scenes, including films like Autumn in New York! This bridge whose walkway consists of South American hardwood is the second oldest cast iron bridge in America.  Measuring 60 feet, it connects Cherry Hill on one side of the Lake to the trails of the Ramble on the other. But it’s not just there to serve as a passageway.  The view from the bridge is truly one of the most breathtaking this time of year.
Autumn in New York.

Nearby Attractions: Cherry Hill, Bethesda Terrace Lake and Ramble.

Location: Mid-Park at 74th Street west of Bethesda Terrace , connecting Cherry Hill and the Ramble.

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