Cherry Hill, Autumn

One of the most spectacular places in the park in autumn is Cherry Hill, aptly named for the cherry trees on the slope of the Lake nearby.  The colors of fall can naturally be seen atop the trees as but are also beautifully reflected in 20-acres of water, the second largest body of water in the park so have your cameras ready. You can either enjoy the view from the outskirts on the many benches around the hill or from the many walking trails located at the foot of the hill. You’ll also want to be sure to take in the Cherry Hill Fountain, a common meeting point for east and west siders since it’s located exactly midway through the park at 72nd street.   In the 19th century it served as a watering hole for horses.  Now sadly the horses are no longer allowed to drink from the fountain but if you listen carefully you may be able to hear the clip-clopping of the horses pulling carriages of travelers through the paved areas of the park and be transported to a simpler time.

Nearby Attractions: Bow Bridge, Ramble, LakeBethesda Terrace and Wagner Cove.

Autumn in New York.

Location: Mid-Park at 72nd Street.

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