Sledding, Pilgrim Hill

If you are passionate about skiing or sledding and you live in NYC, most likely you were at Pilgrim Hill today.  Known for having some of the steepest slopes, Pilgrim Hill is a winter delight.  The moment came and went pretty quickly as snow turned to slush by noon.  However, this did not sway New Yorkers who are used to moving fast and were going to opportune the limited time they had.  People were pretty creative with how they were going have fun and take full advantage of the snow.  Of course the traditional skis and snowboarding we are all accustomed to seeing were out there in full stride. Many though, were flying by on garbage can lids, tubes and toboggan sleds.  Always use caution mind you, lots of kids out there.  This morning flew by like lightning, if you caught it though, it was worth the early efforts and hopefully there are more snow days to come, well for kids anyway.

Pilgrim Hill in Central Park.

Located by entering Central Park, 72nd street  on the East side & Fifth Avenue.

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  1. JoEllen says:

    They turned the fountain in Washington Sq. Park into a kiddy slide….. What fun this morning was!

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