West Village

The West Village is a special place in New York City.  New Yorkers speak of the hustle and bustle of the city a lot and how they would like to get away now and then; the West Village is one of those places that accomplishes just that.  When you think of the West Village, people immediately think of the word neighborhood.  There are so many areas in the city that give people a sense of familiarity; but people who live or visit the West Village get that quaint and neighborhood feel.  Known for the narrow streets, beautiful brownstones and charming townhouses, it’s no wonder why you get a lot of famous people moving into this area.  There are adorable cafes, jazz clubs, friendly bars, and endless variety of restaurants.  Hudson and Bleecker Streets are the main drags in this beautiful area; it’s aligned with charming cafes, art exhibits and specialty shops.  The residents also have the luxury of the Hudson River being right there for them to take a stroll, jog or bike along the river line.  West Village has all of New York’s character; it’s got the energy of city life, the neighborhood feel of the suburbs and the healthy living with all the recreational activities along the Hudson River Line.  Billy Joel said it best in his song New York State of Mind,  “some folks hop a flight to Miami beach or to Hollywood, but I’m taking a greyhound on the Hudson River Line cause I’m in a New York State of mind”  The West village and the Hudson line have always been a New York City delight.

What I love most about the West Village are the cozy cafes and the charming restaurants.

Quaint narrow streets and beautiful townhouses all over the West Village.

The best area in the city to take a stroll and people watch (Bleecker & 11th street)

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