FAO Schwarz celebrates 150 Anniversary

FAO Schwarz celebrates 150th Anniversary by displaying historic toys all around the store. Visit FAO and look back in time at some of your favorite vintage toys – “A Gallery of Historic Toys” will be showcasing 25 vintage versions of toys until April 10.  Bring your kids to the store and show them some of your favorite vintage toys you cherished when you were a child.  FAO Schwarz had the vision since 1862 to be more than just a toy store but to be a magical toy emporium. When you walk in FAO you will know immediately that beyond the amazing never seen before toys, is a creative way of life inside this store. FAO Schwarz is more than a toy store in NYC, it’s a staple in this town, an iconic brand that is bigger than itself. Don’t forget when you are in NYC, whether you are in the market for a toy or not, FAO is one of NYC’s finest attractions.

Location: 767 5th Avenue at 58th St. New York, NY, 10153

Richard Steiff Bear (1905) from Steiff

“A Gallery of Historic Toys”
64 Box (1958) from Crayola
EASY-BAKE OVEN (1964) from Hasbro®
Etch A Sketch (1960) from The Ohio Arts Company
G.I. JOE action figures (1964 and 1982) from Hasbro®
Hello Kitty® (1976) from Sanrio
Hot Wheels® Cars from Mattel®
Little People (1985) from Fisher-Price®
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord (1993) from Bandai America Inc
MONOPOLY (1935) and BATTLESHIP (1967) from Hasbro®
MR. POTATO HEAD (1972) from Playskool®
Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) (1985) from Nintendo
PLAYMOBIL figures (1974) from PLAYMOBIL®
Razor® A Scooter (2000) from Razor USA LLC
Richard Steiff Bear (1905) from Steiff, Silly Putty (1950) from Crayola
Slinky® (1950), Slinky Dog®, Slinky® Three Little Pigs and Slinky® Elephant from POOF®-Slinky®
“Sorry!” (1934) and Candy Land (1955) from Hasbro®
Tamagotchi (1997) from Bandai America Inc.
Tickle Me Elmo (1996) from Tyco®
Town Plan (1955) from The LEGO Group
Tournament Yo-Yo (1960s) from Duncan®
TRANSFORMERS action figures (1984) from Hasbro®

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