Soho is surrounded by galleries and energy of the arts permeating the beautiful streets of New York City.  Soho stands for South of Houston.  It’s also known as the Cast Iron District because originally the area was built for warehouses and manufacturing facilities.  It hovers over 26 blocks with these cast iron facades.  Some of the finest shops in the city can be found up and down West Broadway in this upscale neighborhood.  With that, there is still those starting out artists displaying their creative works on West Broadway and Prince street.  Soho had many of them in the 1970’s but as the area became extremely expensive and commercial, they moved over to Dumbo and other more affordable areas.  After a long day of browsing and shopping, The Soho Grand Hotel offers an elaborate lounge area for those to dine, have a drink and take a break for a moment and reflect on the day.   Many musical and Hollywood stars live in this downtown electric area catering to their artsy style.  Nearby attractions you have Little Italy located east of Soho and to the south you have Canal Street.
Soho offers shopping, great food (Lombardi’s Pizza and Balthazar) and cafes (The Little Cupcake Bakery).

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