Empire State Building

Come see New York City from the top of the Empire State Building, the most famous office building in the world. The Empire State Building offers spectacular 360-degree panoramic views for Manhattan and beyond the Observatory Deck on the 86th and 102nd floor. To learn more about the Empire State Building Click Here.

Dogs are not allowed at the Empire State Building, but Sammy wants everyone to know the Empire State Building is the #1 tourist attraction in New York City - One of those things you have to do when you come visit the Big Apple.

High-power binoculars around the Observatory Deck.

Famous people from all over the world visit the Empire State Building every year.

Amazing views of Manhattan from the 86th-floor observatory, with 360-degree panoramic views on each side of the building from the outdoor promenade.

Location: Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118

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  1. Ariella says:

    Hi! Puffy and I met you today down by the river! Sammy is so cute! I will definitely follow your blog and send it to my mom! She’ll love it! Like I said, I recently started my own blog, and it is called Since I Quit TV, and the address is sinceiquittv.wordpress.com :)
    Nice meeting you!
    ^_^ Ariella

  2. Annmarie says:

    I met you and Sammy in Central Park while I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago visiting from England.

    Sammy is wonderful and now all my friends are Sammy fans too!


  3. Ema says:

    I luv Sammy I see her on instagram and she’s my homepage on my laptop and my screen saver

  4. Boobooloo says:

    Give your ex boyfriend his site back you greedy stinky gold digger

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