Model Boat Pond, Autumn

Conservatory Water is the home of the remote control sailboats, and also known as the “Model Boat Pond”.  Conservatory Water offers spectacular views of the fall foliage all around the Pond.  In the reflecting water of the Model Boat Pond you can see beautiful and picturesque colorful fall foliage, as well as Upper East Side buildings. Bird watchers folk to this area to spot the Red Tail Hawks that sit on an Upper East Side Building on 5th Avenue.  This area is one of the most romantic places in Central Park and many movies have been filmed here. There are benches curving all around the oval pond for people to relax and take in the incredibly beautiful surreal reflections.

There’s a cafe on the east side of this Pond to grab a bite to eat.

A great place to relax or people watch.

Conservatory Water, known as the Model Boat Pond.

Model Boat Pond is a beautiful oval shaped pond with breath taking views of the fall foliage in the reflecting water.

Location: East Side from 72nd on 5th Avenue, New York City.

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