The Mall, Autumn

As we begin the autumn season most people will be thinking of getting out to the country to witness the changing colors of the leaves known as fall foliage. But you don’t need to get out of the city to witness the beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow. Just step out into everyone’s backyard…Central Park. The park really does take on a different personality in the autumn months and of particular interest is the area known as The Mall. This long straight path lined with Elm trees is certainly the most popular and active gathering place and is a weekend home to skateboarders, rollerbladers/skaters and street/performance artists. Bookended by Bethesda Terrace on the North side and The Literary Walk to the South, if you come at just the right moment it also serves as a great resting place. You can revel in the quiet while sitting on one of the benches that line the path and enjoy a good book. But the biggest draw seems to be a large yellow sugar maple tree set on the North West side of the mall just North of a flagpole. Be sure to get your picture taken underneath its golden canopy and be prepared to wait your turn! It just happens to be the most photographed tree in the park during the autumn season.

Location: Mid-Park from 66th to 72nd Streets, New York City

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