Olmsted Flower Bed

Olmsted Flower Bed4

Olmsted Flower Bed is a memorial garden of beautiful flowers, created in 1972 to memorialize the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted. Frederick Law Olmsted (1853 to 1878) and Calvert Vaux (1824–1895), created the landscapes and scenery in the heart of the City, called Central Park. South of the Literary Walk in The Mall. East at 66th Street at the South... Read More


Pond Best

The Pond is located on the south side of Central Park between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, steps away from the Grand Army Plaza. The Pond is conveniently located across the street from the Plaza Hotel and the 5th Avenue Apple Store – Its the most visited area of Central Park, with picturesque scene of the Gapstow Bridge. The entrance to this location is on 6th Avenue and Central... Read More

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore Statue 1

Thomas Moore (1779–1852) statue stands on the eastern edge of the Pond. The Irish poet was sculpted by Dennis B. Sheahan and placed in Central Park in 1880. Location: East Side at 61st Street.  Read More

Gapstow Bridge


Gapstow Bridge is a rustic, stone structure bridge offering breath taking views of city skyscrapers, and the Plaza Hotel.  The stone bridge curves over the Pond within Central Park - Built in 1896 by Howard & Caudwell, the original bridge was built in 1874 and designed by Jacob Wrey Mould. See other Tourist Attractions and Central Park. Checkout Autumn in New York: The Pond... Read More

Wooden Bridges

Ramble Bridge Wooden

The Ramble contains many wooden bridges -this bridge crosses the small stream called the Gill. The Ramble is also the most unvisited site in Central Park, with 38 acres of land to explore leaves little Sammy very tired and resting on the wooden bridge. Location:Mid-Park in the Ramble at 76th Street.  Read More


Stream Ramble

The Gill is a stream that goes through the 38-acre area of the Ramble, the water streams down a bunch of rocks before going into the Lake. Water rushing down the rocks while Sammy takes in the peaceful side of Central Park. Location:Mid-Park in the Ramble at 76th Street.  Read More

Ramble Stone Arch

Ramble Stone Arch 2

Ramble Stone Arch is hidden within the woods and wilderness of the Ramble. The arch measures five feet across and more than 13 feet high, with a nine-foot underpass. Ramble Stone Arch was built in 1863 by Vaux and made of rock-fact ashlar. Location: West Side at 77th Street on the North side of the Lake  Read More



Ramble is made up of 38 acres of woods and forest like confusing trails, along with streams and stunning views of Lake and wildlife in the middle of  Central Park. The Ramble was completely man-made and designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Things to See nearby: Bow Bridge, Azalea Pond, Gill, Ramble Stone Arch, Lake and Oak Bridge. The Ramble is the most popular... Read More

Delacorte Theater


The Delacorte Theater was created in 1962, located in Central Park, and has a seating capacity of over 1,800. The Delacorte is owned by New York City, and every summer the Public Theater offers two productions of Shakespeare in the Park, which runs for two months. Breath-taking views of Belvedere Castle from one of the seatings at the Theater. Location: The Theater is located... Read More

The Great Lawn


The Great Lawn has presented over the years some of the most popular concert events in the city’s history. The lawn is 55 acres of green pastors where people come and play softball, soccer, frisbee, as well as picnicking, and sunbathing. Dogs are not allowed in this area when the fence is up, but lucky for Sammy it was taken down for the Black Eye Peas concert. Great Lawn is... Read More

Turtle Pond

Sunset Turtle Pond

Turtle Pond in Central Park is a habitat for turtles (red-eared slider, snapping, box, painted, and musk turtles).  At sunset you can see the Belvedere Castle and trees over the lake with colorful sunset reflections, which is more beautiful than it is during the day. Sunset  - This spot in Turtle Pond is east of Belvedere Castle. Visitors and New Yorkers can come see 5 types... Read More

Belvedere Castle


The Belvedere Castle and the Vista Rock offers the highest elevation view point of all of Central Park.  This castle is hidden in the middle of Central Park and most people don’t even know about the castle, unless you see it from the Great Lawn, Turtle Pond, or the Delacorte Theater.  The Castle was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1865 – A historical... Read More

Sheep Meadow


Sheep Meadow is 15 acres of beautiful open grass space with a great view of the city, along with trees and skyscrapers surrounding the area. A great place to soak up some sun, have a picnic, play frisbee and people watch. Nearby Tourist Attractions: Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Terrace, Balto, Ramble, Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill, The Mall, and Lake. In the Springtime, its... Read More

Chess & Checkers House


Play chess or checkers outdoors at the “The Chess and Checkers House” in Central Park. “Players are welcome to borrow pieces from the Conservancy staff, or bring their own. Dominos and backgammon are also available” for More details go to Chess & Checkers House Location: Mid-Park at 64th Street  Read More

Strawberry Fields

About John Lennon

The memorial to John Lennon is in Strawberry Fields, a black-and white mosaic called “Imagine”.  Strawberry Fields and the memorial was created in 1981 with funds provided by Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon. Fans stop and leave flowers or candles all year round, but on October 9th, on John Lennon’s Birthday a huge crowd gathers every year to sing, pray and... Read More

Summerstage/Central Park

Summer Stage 1

Summerstage is a performing Arts Festival that’s free to the public held at the Rumsey Playfield. Click to view event details for Summerstage.     PAST EVENTS: NIGHT AT THE CARAVANSERAI: TALES OF WONDER” FEATURING YO-YO MA / THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE / THE SILK ROAD CONNECT STUDENTS AND FRIENDS When: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 6:30PM Free BLUE NOTE JAZZ FESTIVAL:... Read More

Rumsey Playfield


Good Morning America and SummerStage have free concerts in Central Park at the Rumsey Playfield. Click on the Official Websites for Good Morning America Concert Series Schedule and SummerStage. Location: Entrance to the Rumsey Playfield – from the East Side on 5th Avenue either 69th or 72nd st. From the West Side enter through 72nd St. and Central Park West and walk towards... Read More

Horse-Drawn Carriage

Horse Carriage

Horse-drawn carriage rides through Central Park is a romantic way to see the most famous park in the World. This ride is also a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy. See other Tourist Attractions and Central Park. Horse-drawn carriages line up at the Grand Army Plaza and along Central Park South between Fifth and Sixth avenues. The carriage ride through Central Park... Read More

Alice in Wonderland

Alice and Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is an eleven feet tall bronze statue, surrounded by the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and other friends. This children’s statue is meant to be climbed on and a very popular attraction for kids. Located: North of the Conservatory Water – East 74th Street.    Read More

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen is seated on a bench reading from his tale book “The Ugly Duckling”. Children can climb on this large bronze statue – A popular attraction for kids in Central Park. Nearby attractions Conservatory Water, Alice in Wonderland and Pilgrim Hill. Sammy next to the Statue of Hans Christian Andersen, who is holding an open book of the “The... Read More



The famous old-fashion Carousel in Central Park is a hidden treasure for children of all ages. This current carousel has been in central park since 1951, but has been restored since then.  The first original carousel was placed in central park in 1871.  The next two Carousels were destroyed by fire in 1924 and in 1950. Details: $2 for a 3 and a half minute ride. Open daily April–November,... Read More

Bethesda Terrace


Bethesda Terrace is known as the heart of Central Park, and overlooks the Lake.  It is on two levels, united by two grand staircases and a lesser one that passes under Terrace Drive and is connected to the famous mall. The heart of Central Park.   Bethesda Fountain is the central feature on the lower level of the terrace, also known as “The Angel of Water”. two... Read More

Springtime in Central Park


When sunrises Central Park is filled with people lying around, reading, eating, running, biking, walking their pets or just enjoying time with friends or love ones. The flowers in Central Park just makes the day a brighter place to be. Sammy loves it! l Spring Flowers from the Olmsted Flower Bed from the south end of the Literary Walk. Spring Flowers from the Olmsted Flower Bed... Read More



The Central Park Reservoir now officially named the Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir – is one of the most popular jogging and walking areas in the city. With 1.58 mile track that encircles the 106 acre body of water – this area offers runners and walkers one of the best views of the skyline. See other Tourist Attractions and Central Park. Sammy having a great time. Joggers... Read More

Conservatory Water


Conservatory Water is known as the Model Boat Pond and its incredibly beautiful and picturesque, with its pool of reflecting water, as well as curving benches running along the path that surrounds the entire pool of water.  Inspired by the model boat ponds of late 19th century Paris, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux created a place where children and adults can enjoy the... Read More

The Mall


What else can you do in Central Park besides row a boat, ride a carousel, see a concert, take a walking tour, enjoy a picnic or get completely lost in 843 acres?  Stroll through the Central Park Mall, which runs through the middle of Central Park from 66th to 72nd street.  The Central Park Mall is the most active gathering place in the Park for New York residents and tourists... Read More