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Goldstar... what is it? I’m about to tell you… I’ve heard about their value proposition a few times, wondering: hmm? (Kind of like Groupon, but not? Huh?) (You’ll see.) Now that I know, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out! Get this. Half-priced tickets for live entertainment (last minute or you can book in advance). It’s FREE to join… and with that, you have access to the largest source of info and tix to special events, the theater, sports, live entertainment anywhere, art shows, performing arts, comedy shows; even food and celebrity events. Take a sushi-making class or join a wine tasting group… Why not? The options are limitless. Plus, you can’t find these things anywhere but through Goldstar, discounted – yes – halfprice (see, we like that!) and you can be anywhere: just plug in your zip code. Want to know what to do one night when you’re bored? There are hundreds of options. Last-minute date? Goldstar. Gift for a friend’s birthday? Right. Goldstar! An anniversary present? Well, you get the point. :) Members will receive weekly newsletters with all events in their area, as well as emails featuring special events or one-day-only offers to nearly sold-out venues. This is one of the best programs for the consumer I’ve ever seen. In fact, Goldstar **literally** assists you with having a great night because they’ll let you know ideas on attire for the event, where to park and where you can eat. (What? Seriously? Yeah, that’s cool.)
They work with more then 4000 venues in all of the major Cities across the USA—NYC, Boston, Chicago, DC, Las Vegas, LA, Miami, Minneapolis, Orange County, Portland, San Diego, SF, San Jose and Seattle… with more to come. Goldstar can keep you entertained and having fun throughout the year at half the price. Oh! And one more juicy Goldstar nugget: Flexibility is one of Goldstar’s best attributes, so if you are going to be in one the big cities, you can sign up to see what’s going on in that city before you go (or when you’re there). How awesome is that? (Yup. I thought so, too…. and joined.)
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Top 10 places in New York City

1.  Empire State Building

2.  Times Square

3.  Statute of Liberty

4.  Rockefeller Center

5.  Wall Street

6.  Central Park

7.  Metropolitan Museum of Art

8.  Museum of Natural History

9.  Grand Central Station

10. West Village


 Top 10 places in Central Park

1.  Bethesda Terrace

2.  The Mall

3.  Conservatory Water 

4.  Shakespeare Garden

5.  Strawberry Fields

6.  Belvedere Castle

7.  Bow Bridge 

8.  The Pond

9.  Gapstow Bridge

10. Conservatory Garden


Top 20 Annual Events

1.  Rockefeller Tree Lighting

2.  Thanksgiving Day Parade

3.  Village Halloween Parade

4.  NYC Marathon

5.  Macy’s July 4th fireworks

6.  Times Square New Year’s Eve

7.  St. Patrick’s Day Parade

8.  Tribeca Film Festival

9.  Museum Mile

10. Feast of San Gennaro

11. Fashion’s Night Out

12. Fashion Week

13. Easter Parade

14. Ninth Avenue Food Festival

15. Pride Parade

16. Atlantic Antic Festival 

17. Big Apple Barbecue Party

18. Puerto Rican Parade

19. Fleet Week

20. Dumbo Arts Festival


Top 10 places during Autumn

1.  Village Halloween Parade

2.  The Mall, Central Park

3.  Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

4.  Marathon

5.  Strawberry Fields

6.  Halloween Dog Parade

7.  The Pond

8.  Gapstow Bridge

9.  Wollman Rink

10. Bow Bridge


Top 10 during the Holidays

1.   Rockefeller Christmas Tree

2.   Ice Skating at Rockefeller

3.   Radio City Spectacular

4.   Window Displays

5.   Citi Pond at Bryant Park 

6.   Shopping on 5th Avenue

7.   Saks 5th Avenue

8.   Time Warner Center

9.   Holiday Market 

10. New Year’s Eve